Coach's Message

I have served the local soccer community for the past 20 years with a strong passion for creating a structured, yet fun and enthusiastic, camp environment for local young soccer players. Soccer is a beautiful game filled with so many life lessons, regardless of the level! As a father of four daughters who each play soccer for different reasons, I understand that the game can be a valuable part to the maturation of young children. Some players want to be the next soccer superstar, some players just love to be outside getting some physical activity, and some players simply enjoy the friendships formed that could last a lifetime.

Villanova Soccer Camps are for all ages, all levels! We have strategically separated our camps into two levels: Futures and Juniors. Both levels will follow our curriculum, The Nova Way, but at different speeds. We care about every child’s camp experience!

I look forward to seeing you this summer!



Coach Carlin,
“The camp has been excellent; my son has had an outstanding experience. His skills are improving and he’s having a lot of fun!”

Dear Coach Carlin,
“It has been a great experience. The drop off and pick up have been totally easy. My kids are excited to come in the morning and they are tired when they come home."

Dear Coach,
“Very organized and the kids have a lot of fun!”

Dear Coach Carlin,
"The residential camp has boosted my son's confidence. He truly appreciated the opportunity to live in the residence halls where College Soccer players live for a few nights and loved playing games on Nova's game field. Not to mention, the dining hall was a hit!"



The Nova Way Curriculum

Teaching children how to cooperate with coaches, counselors, and teammates within in a fun learning environment is what we do best! Whether we are coaching at the beginner or experienced level, we love teaching the art of working together and doing things the right way! Our curriculum will demand that every player is a good teammate and plays by the rules. Here are some of the main points of emphasis in all activities:

  • Value Teamwork.
  • Value Friendship.
  • Respect others.
  • Be Coachable.
  • Be Enthusiastic.
  • Have Fun.

Villanova Soccer Camps will provide an opportunity for children to learn that their actions and attitude will determine outcomes in life. If they want to be a successful student, son, daughter, brother, sister, or soccer player, then they must have the self-control and discipline to make intelligent decisions in every moment. Here are some of the main points of emphasis in all activities:

  • Respect for the rules of the game.
  • Playing within a team structure or game plan.
  • Good behavior on the field, in the classroom, and at home.
  • Work ethic when coaches and parents are not looking.
  • Learn to listen to coaches and teammates with a common goal in mind.

Villanova Soccer Camps will provide children the opportunity to continue to believe in themselves through the challenges of the game. Young soccer players must learn that in order to be successful on the field and in life, they must have confidence in themselves no matter the current situation. Players will learn how to maintain focus for every “next play” despite mistakes or challenges presented by the game itself or life. With that said, in order to feel confident, they need to feel prepared and proficient. At camp, here are the areas of the game where we will spend most of our time:

  • Technical repetitions. Dribbling, Passing, Receiving, and Finishing.
  • Agility, Balance, Coordination. ABC’s of the physical part of the game.
  • Equal emphasis on the attacking and defensive side of the ball.
  • Teaching the skillsets needed for specific positions.
  • Confidence in themselves to carry out the skillset of their position.

Self-motivation is an acquired skill! Our camps put a strong emphasis on helping the children maintain an enthusiastic mindset while working hard at camp, so that they enjoy the process of persevering through a task. Our coaches understand that the children need to feel empowered in knowing that it is their decision to have a good week at camp. To do this, we make sure to train in small groups and have the players set goals at the beginning week. Challenges and adversity will naturally present itself through the game of soccer and at camp. This is where our staff of role models will help the players persevere. Children at camp will learn:

  • Ability to feel good about working hard for your teammates and coaches.
  • Ability to stay focused throughout the transitions of the game.
  • Ability to turn misses into makes.
  • Ability to value the skillset of hustle.
  • Ability to try your best.





Nova Juniors is our rising 5th to 8th Graders. We offer 9am-3pm Day Camps and Residential/Commuter Camps.

Nova Futures are our rising 1st to 4th Graders. We offer 9am-12pm or 9am-3pm Day Camps for this age group.

Residential Camper means that you will reside and dine in the resident and dining halls at Villanova University throughout the camp week. Commuter Camper means that you are at camp for the full day alongside the Residential Campers, but do not sleep in the residence halls and will depart in the evening after sessions.

Yes! Teams/Clubs are welcome to register for any of our events. Please contact us by email at with the subject line of “Team Discount” to learn more about the team registration portal.

We will provide your team with a unique registration link through a team registration contact. The registrations must be confirmed at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. Here are the typical discounts offered:

Residential/Commuter Camps:

  • 7-10 players – Each camper will receive a $100 discount.
  • 11 or more players - Each camper will receive a $125 discount.
  • NOTE: Team discounts cannot be applied with other discounts

Day Camps

  • 11 or more players- Each camper will receive a $75 discount.

NOTE: Team discounts cannot be applied with other discounts

Team Camp Refund Policy:

  • There is a non-refundable fee for team camps unless you purchase Camp Insurance. For Residential Campers, the fee is a $250 non-refundable deposit, and for Day Campers the fee is $150. This non-refundable fee applies to all campers regardless of injury or illness.

If your team makes USYS Regionals/Nationals, ECNL Playoffs or USDA Playoffs/Nationals and the dates conflict with our camp, we will ISSUE a refund minus a $50 administrative fee. Written notification is provided at least 7 days prior to the start of camp.

The non-refundable cancellation fee will still apply; however, we will issue a credit for a future camp equal to that fee. All injured campers must submit an explanation of the injury from a licensed physician before the first date of the camp.

Yes, we believe in equal opportunity here at Nova Soccer Camps. Please reach out to for more information regarding the financial review and granting of aid processes.


Complete the online registration by visiting our registration site and selecting the desired camp. Be sure to supply all requested information and to acknowledge the medical, and concussion waiver with your signature. Please make sure the email you register with is the email you check MOST frequently.

Yes. During the registration process, click the 'Payment Plan' option*. Your credit card will automatically be credited on the day listed on the registration page. Please reach out if there are changes to that card used before the scheduled date.

After you register, you will receive two important documents: Exhibit C and an Arrival and Departure forms. The Exhibit C Form must be signed and, if under 18 years of age, signed by a parent as well. A hard copy of the Exhibit C form must be submitted at check in*. Campers are prohibited from participating if the Exhibit C is not submitted.

No. If you will be flying into Philadelphia airport and transportation is required, please email us for a recommended list of approved vendors. Otherwise, Uber is the cheapest and fastest form of transportation.

Camp Experience

Residential Campers: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price of camp. Camper’s first meal will be dinner on Day 1, and last meal will be breakfast of Day 4. Remember, on Check-In Day, Dinner will be your first meal with campers so make sure to eat lunch on your own.

Non-Residential/Commuter Campers: Dinner on Day 1, Lunch and Dinner on Day 2 and 3 are included in the price of the camp. Remember, on Check-In Day, Dinner will be your first meal with campers so make sure to eat lunch on your own.

Day Campers (Nova Juniors 9am-3pm and ALL Nova Futures): 9am-12pm and 9am-3pm campers are expected to pack a lunch and/or snacks for camp.

Residential Campers: Need to bring bed linens and pillow(s) for a standard twin bed, towels for extra showering, soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste.

*IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE – Residential Campers will be carrying bags and items you bring for the week from your car to the resident hall, which occasionally can be a lengthy walk so PACK LIGHT! Heavy items such as bulky coolers, fans, TV’s, are not recommended.

ALL CAMPERS: Need to bring soccer cleats, running shoes/indoor training shoes (in case of inclement weather), a soccer ball (if you did not purchase one from camp), sandals, rain gear, adequate clothing for 3 games/sessions per day (shirts, shorts, socks, guards), a water bottle and sunscreen.

After you register, you will receive two important documents: Exhibit C and a Arrival and Departure form. The Exhibit C form must be signed and, if under 18 years of age, signed by a parent as well. A hard copy of the Exhibit C form must be submitted at check in*. Participation is prohibited unless the Exhibit C is submitted.

Yes. Every field will have an unlimited supply of Water and Gatorade provided for every camper.

Yes. All campers need to bring a soccer ball. Villanova Camp Soccer Balls are available for pre-purchase during registration.

All Campers that did not leave a deposit for food and gear should bring cash for additional food, beverage, snacks through camp meal deliveries in the evening and for Limited-Edition clothing purchases from the camp swag tent.

Residential and Commuter Campers: Check-In and Opening Ceremonies are generally during the afternoon of the 1st day (Typically between 12pm - 3pm). Check-Out will follow the Closing Ceremonies, typically between 11am -12pm. We will confirm these times and Check-In/Check-Out locations, two weeks prior to the start of camp as it is dependent upon the times Villanova Conference Services assigns.

Day Campers: Check-In will be approximately 30 minutes before the camp’s start time. We will notify you about the location two weeks prior to the camp. Typically will be at Higgins Soccer Complex

Parents are required to attend the Check-In and Check-Out for minors and are encouraged to attend Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Additionally, parents are invited to watch the training sessions and games. However, parents are prohibited from coaching or having significant contact with any campers other than their son or daughter, per the PA State Law, unless proper Background Checks are submitted to our staff.

Most Coaches and Counselors at the Camps are affiliated with Villanova University Soccer and/or other local DI, DII, DIII Universities/Colleges. Local Club Coaches will work the camp.

Background Checks per PA State Law will be required from ALL Coaches who are employed by Villanova Soccer Camps.

Camp Store & Bank

The Camp Store offers Limited Edition Villanova Soccer merchandise (jerseys, sweatshirts, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts and T-Shirts).

Typically the Swag tent is located at Higgins Soccer Complex on the first and last day of camp for Day Campers and the second and last day for Residential/Commuter Campers. We will communicate location and days two weeks prior to camp.


Residential campers will stay in the air-conditioned Resident Halls on Villanova’s beautiful campus.

Yes. There are two campers to every room. Campers can request a roommate during online registration. All roommate requests need to be submitted no later than one month prior to the start of the event for us to accommodate. We do try our best to accommodate all requests. PLEASE only request a camper who is already registered and make sure to have discussed your request with the other camper. If multiple campers request the same roommate, we will decide arrangements as we see fit. To avoid any confusion or delay in the rooming process on registration day, please ensure that you and your requested roommate have only listed each other in your request.

No. Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service due to campus residence hall needs. Our camp dates are selected in advance and arranged with Conference Services months prior to the event. If you need to stay nearby the night before camp, see our list of recommended hotels in the transportation FAQ section.

Cancellation Policy

All Residential/Commuter Camps:

There is a $250 non-refundable fee for Residential and Commuter Camps and $150 non-refundable fee for Day Camps unless you purchase Camp Insurance.

Camp Insurance will provide flexibility to campers who may have to cancel their registration. It allows for a full refund minus the $50 camp insurance fee. For example, if you paid $800 for camp ($750 registration fee + $50 camp insurance fee), then you will receive a refund of $750 directly to the card you registered with.

The non-refundable fee will still apply; however, we will issue a credit for a future camp equal to that fee. All injured campers must submit an explanation of the injury from a licensed physician before the first date of the camp.

If your team makes USYSA Regionals/Nationals, ECNL Playoffs, or USDA Playoffs/Nationals, and the dates conflict with the Residential, Commuter, or Day Camps, we will refund your money minus a $50 administrative fee, provided written notification with detailed playoff information is provided at least 10 days prior to the start of camp; otherwise, there will be a $250 cancellation fee.

Dietary & Medication

During online registration, parents must enter the information in the registration form when prompted. During the Check-In process, parents and/or campers must inform the certified athletic trainer or coaching staff of any medications that the campers are taking. Parents should provide only the necessary doses of medication a camper is required to take during the duration of the camp. In accordance with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania laws and University policy, certified athletic trainers cannot dispense, administer, or hold on to any medications for campers. Campers will self-administer all medication. Campers should be comfortable with self-administering their medication in the proper doses and schedule.

In emergency or urgent situations, athletic trainers are permitted to administer prescribed asthma inhalers and epi-pens, when necessary. Campers are encouraged and should always carry all asthma medication inhalers and epi-pens with them (field, dorms, dining hall, etc.) for the duration of the camp. *If refrigeration is necessary for medication than there will be a secure refrigerator provided by the camp operators.

A member of the athletic training staff will be on site for the duration of registration to respond to any questions and/or concerns of parents and/or campers.

Staff will meet the needs of students with specific nutrition concerns or medically restricted diets. Please encourage your child to be proactive and to communicate with camp staff as well as dining hall personnel their needs to help us ensure they are being met.

In each dining hall there are a variety of soy products as well as lactose free milk available daily. Other special dietary items such as gluten-free cereals, muffins, waffles, bread, and wraps. Campers will need to be aware of their dietary concerns and follow their own specific diet.

Open to any and all ELIGIBLE entrants



  Please email us at or call us at 610-672-7600 with any questions or concerns.